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Content Delivery coordinator - Maths

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Job Summary
Experience Required : 4 Years
Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Opening Date : 5 February, 2019
Closing Date : 15 March, 2019
Compensation : Rs. 30,000.00 per month
Sector : Non Profit
Functional Area : Others
Job Type : Full time
Desired Job Profile
eVidyaloka classes are provided as a supplementary/complimentary education to the children of ongoing Government schooling system in the villages, respective state board curriculum is adopted in the local language as medium of instruction. Primary focus on English, Science and Maths. The purpose of this role is to
  • Drive academic rigor.
  • Quality of Wikividya content suitable to the needs of multiple states/centers.
  • Continuous improvement and substantiating the content which includes usable resources from volunteer teachers.
  • Track teaching quality
  • Facilitate improving the quality of class/content delivery.
  • Facilitate the curriculum to be adopted by eVidyaloka maintain an overall uniformity while also adapting to the needs of multiple centers, and locations. Presently the focus is on classes 6th, 7th and 8th; 5th grade is offered in some centers selectively.
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Review and gain overall understanding of curriculum of respective boards across states in which eVidyaloka is operating.
  • Curriculum Management - Ascertain the Topic needs of the individual centers based on need analysis carried out by the volunteer teachers in collaboration with the school teachers for a given subject and grade, based on respective Board curriculum
  • Determine the Bridge needs to fill the gap between the board curriculum, and that of the respective center, also maintaining uniformity in the overall content across centers.
  • Evaluate content readiness for the identified Topics, in alignment to the schedule
  • Monitor assesments standards and level for each grade, topic and methodology to be adopted for periodic diagnostics and assessments.
  • Develop assessment content & format in English language (to be translated in respective vernacular subsequently)
  • Ensure Children level monitoring &tracking through class delivery team. Operational / On-going
  • Review Progress of delivery through portal by teachers on monthly/term basis
  • Selectively have discussions with relevant school teachers to validate content and alignment of curriculum.
  • Job description – Curriculum/Academics In-charge
  • Engage and facilitate conversation between the eVidyaloka Teachers and the respective School Teachers both to determine curriculum / content gaps and also to identify specific focus areas including necessary supplementary/complimentary focus areas
  • Evaluate assessment readiness against the assessment plan, determine gaps, improvement areas and periodic enhancements.
  • Assessment Planning and Implementation
  • Report to Executive Director on periodic progress, on a monthly basis. Typical board updates twice a year.
  • Graduate, preferably with a B.Ed. Additional educational qualifications are a plus. M.ed would be valued.
Minimum Experience
  • Teaching experience in Maths for more than 5 years and or overseeing content development for atleast 2 years.
  • Adaptability - Able to adapt to curriculum of multiple boards, for Maths and approaches of schools and varied learning levels of the children.
  • Inter-Personal Ability – Able to navigate through Teachers with different teaching capability, Class Admin work styles and School teacher reactions
  • Passion and Commitment – Have a driving force to contribute to the cause.
  • Technology – Familiarity with the usage of Emails, MS Office, Skype, Internet usage – Search Engine, YouTube etc.
  • Communication Skills - Possess good verbal & written communication skills, and have an ability to interact positively with all stakeholders.
How to Apply
Contact Details
Company Name : eVidyaloka
Contact Person : Rini Jose