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Senior Counsellor (Female only position)

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My Choices Foundation
Job Summary
Experience Required : 5 Years
Location : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Opening Date : 8 December, 2017
Closing Date : 31 January, 2018
Sector : Non Profit / Social Enterprise
Functional Area : Consulting
Job Type : Full time
Desired Job Profile
  • As Senior Counsellor, you will join the Counsellor Team for a specific Counselling Centre location and help lead in best practices. You will manage your own case load of clients consisting of domestic abuse victims (emotional, economic, physical and/or sexual) as well as victims of other gender-based abuse, violence or exploitation. You will oer guidance to PeaceMakers (field workers) to help them identify and care for their own cases, and to ensure that they follow the protocols of the Counselling Team.
Tasks and Responsibilities
All Operation PeaceMaker team members are expected to:
  • Believe in the value, strength and potential of every woman and girl
  • Be honest and bring integrity to their work
  • Be a self-starter - know how to work independently without close supervision.
  • Be a team player - know to ask for help and seek collaboration when needed and not worry too much about who gets the credit.
  • Be ready to apply perseverance and patience to dicult situations.
  • Stay determined to have fun and be hopeful about our cause and work.
  • The skill set of an Operation PeaceMaker Counsellor is very particular and important to ensuring that victims of abuse do become successful survivors. She must have a strong balance of emotional receptivity and a solid resolve to solve complicated issues of deeply ingrained mindsets and cultures of violence and abuse so that she can cope with the dicult nature of the cases. A Counsellor must be compassionate, kind and caring and be able to demonstrate empathy and understanding. She must be accepting and non-judgmental, as well as emotionally stable and non-reactive as the clients’ stories are very emotionally loaded. She must be sensitive and patient, allowing the client to set the pace of the process whenever possible. She should be flexible and open-minded, but also able to take initiative and ask the right questions. She must also be introspective and self-aware so that she is able to cope with the cases. She should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills including excellent listening skills. Lastly, and more importantly, a Counsellor must demonstrate personal integrity by being ethical in her personal and professional life and absolutely reliable and dependable. She will have to upskill herself through team training on the Rights and Protections oered under the Domestic Violence Act and she must be willing and open for continuously learning and improving herself.
  • An Operation PeaceMaker Counsellor will be expected to learn core competencies and adopt core principals within the first 3 months of joining the team. Training will be provided, but it will be rigorous and expectations for quick learning will be high. These are the Must Haves for every Counsellor after the first quarter of work with the Operation PeaceMaker team:
  • History of Domestic Violence (DV) and the battered women’s movement
  • DV assessment approaches and tools
  • Best practices in treatment and intervention for DV for each member of the family
  • Theory of power and control in relationships
  • Theory of empowerment
  • Understanding of dierent types of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological, economic, etc.)
  • Understanding of the impact of violence on health outcomes (mental and physical)
  • The impact of DV on child development and parenting
  • The co-occurrence of substance abuse, mental health problems and child maltreatment with DV
  • The role of trauma in families impacted by DV (e.g. victim, children and perpetrators)
  • Confidentiality rights of clients and limits to confidentiality
  • Familiarity with community agencies involved in DV prevention and intervention, mental
  • health services, and substance abuse treatments



  • M. A. Psychology with Counselling as a Specialized subject
  • or B. A Psychology with P.G. Diploma in Counselling
  • M.S./M.A. Political Science
  • LLB and LLM


Minimum Experience
  • 5 years in counselling, psycho-therapy or equivalent skill, legal and/or rights advocacy


  • English, Hindi and Telugu
  • Eective communication with clients and within networks
  • Ability to professionally interact between provider spheres
  • Ability to refer clients to outside services when needed (case management, financial assistance, trauma, mental health, or substance abuse treatment)
  • Implementation of proper coping mechanisms and self-care
  • Screening of victim (adults and children) and batterers for trauma, mental health and substance abuse issues and power and control dynamics
  • Facilitate psychoeducational or support groups related to DV
  • Ability to implement best practice treatments for individuals and families (including children) impacted by DV
  • Eective relationships and communication with DV advocates, batterer programs, courts, child protection and other providers who may be involved with a family.
  • Awareness of the complex relationship between victims, batterers and children
  • Acknowledgment that families may want to stay together and hope for change/recovery (e.g. stake in eective batterer intervention treatment)
  • Openness to understanding the dynamics, diculties, and issues within each individual case
  • Understanding of client’s individual rights within their relationship and in seeking services,acceptance of client’s experience and wishes.
  • Believing that men are part of the solution, not just perpetrators or villains
  • Openness to meeting and assessing each individual involved in a family as appropriate
  • Acknowledgement that individualized intervention that meets the needs of a specific case/family is needed.
How to Apply
  • Applicants may send their CV and Cover Letter to
  • Please title your email “Application for [Job Title] by [Your Name]” and attach your  Resume and Cover Letterto the link given below:
  • Ensure both CV / Resume and Cover Letter are included


Contact Details
Company Name : My Choices Foundation
Contact Person : Archie Brian
Contact Address : Hyderabad
Email :
Contact Number : 8978202929